Larix Lyallii

Larix Lyallii

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Surviving at high altitudes, the supremely adaptable and magnificently beautiful Subalpine Larch's deciduous habit and supple limbs make it more resistant to wind damage than other conifers, and its ability to take advantage of highly acidic soils enables it to grow at the base of rock fields at high elevations.

It's not too shabby for framing a mountain peak either.

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Limited Edition of 25.

Each of my Limited Edition Fine Art prints is hand-produced in either ChromaLuxe aluminum, Lumachrome Acrylic or Fuji Crystal Archive Paper.  These superior quality prints are captivating—offering beautiful, brilliant colors and amazing detail.  The Chromaluxe aluminum and the Lumachrome Acrylic prints are finished using a gallery quality ‘float’ mounting process, creating a ready-to-hang piece that does not require exterior framing of any kind, offering a modern, crisp display that looks striking in any home or business environment. 

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