Fine Art Landscape Imagery by James Lorentson

Hi, I'm James, a fine art landscape photographer. My landscape photographs are more of an interpretation of a place than a description. I try to capture the mood or state of mind that I feel in response to my experiences with nature.

Landscape Photography and Photography Instruction by James Lorentson

Fine Art Prints

 Shuksan Aglow (in Print)

Shuksan Aglow (in Print)

The best way to appreciate one of my images is in a large print.  The level of detail and emotional impact of a large print is something you can enjoy for countless years to come.  

Instead of just adding an image to a shopping cart, I prefer to discuss the options of printing with each customer to ensure you get the exactly what you are looking for.  Please use the Print Contact Form button above if you are interested in purchasing a print.

From capture to monitor to print, a high attention to detail is maintained to ensure the best possible finish.  I personally inspect, sign (can be on the front or the back) and edition each print.  Included with each print is a Certificate Of Authenticity.  

Due to variations in equipment and conditions at the time of capture, not every image is available in every size.  Prices below are based on 2x3 aspect ratio, and will be slightly different for other aspect ratios.  Shipping is included in price.  

I offer each image with the option of a small white framing border or borderless printing.  Matting, mounting, and framing solutions will vary wildly depending on the colors of the room where the print will be hung and personal preference.  For that reason, I do not include those options.  


You've never seen a more brilliant and impressive print! Colors are vibrant and the luminescence is breathtaking. Detail and resolution are unsurpassed.  The images have a 3-dimensional look, and really jump off the surface.  

They are water-resistant and much more forgiving when it comes to reflections than traditional framed prints.  They are very durable, scratch resistant and can be cleaned with window cleaner.  

To complement this unique printing method, you have the choice of two options: a METAL only print, or a finished ready-to-hang METAL print mounted on styrene and finished with a black metal inset frame (additional cost) for an elegant look and added durability.  

  • 12x18 - $175   
  • 16x24 - $250
  • 20x30 - $375
  • 24x36 - $540
  • 30x45 - $750  
  • Float Backing - $75


Fine art prints are made with archival quality inks on exquisite fine art papers using a high-resolution large format inkjet printer.  Premium archival inks produce images with smooth tones and rich colors.

Choices include the finish (please see below) as well as the option for a backing, which is a 3/16" black gatorfoam mounting substrate that resists warping, making it an excellent choice for adding rigidity and durability.

  • 12x18 - $75 
  • 16x24 - $160 
  • 20x30 - $300 
  • 24x36 - $540 
  • 30x45 - $500  


For both metal and paper, the prints are available in two finishes: matte and semi-gloss.  Semi-gloss will have the most vibrant colors and tones, but the surface is more reflective, and may not be ideal in areas with strong sources of light in the direction the print is facing.  Matte has very little reflectivity, and it's appearance will not be as vibrant as gloss, but the negatives of a reflective surface are minimized.  


Licensing is available for all of my images and is handled on an individual basis. Please CONTACT ME with your licensing needs and for pricing information

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