Drenched, and Thankful

Drenched, and Thankful

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16mm, f/14, 1/3sec, ISO 100, polarizer

The alarm rang at 2 AM. Up you go. We drove almost five hours to get to the trailhead. The forecast was overcast and rainy—just perfect for capturing PNW waterfalls in their prime.

In this photo, I'm standing thigh deep in rushing water. My tripod doubles as support, allowing me to brace myself as I find footing in the rocky creek-bed.

The primary challenge–keeping the camera dry. First, I swapped the big bulbous 14 mm out for the smaller 16 mm so I had an easier time keeping the lens dry. 
Next up, protection—wrap it up, right? I had one of those clear camera raincoats but ditched it in favor of a cheap shower cap, since it allows me faster access to the controls. Usually when I'm close to water, I point my camera away. But in this case, with water coming from above and below, the only option was to trust the weather sealing. I fired off a bunch of shots, wiping off the lens with a giant microfiber cloth in between each shot. 

Despite my efforts to shield my gear from the relentless assault, my camera and lens were completely drenched. Yet throughout the day, from one waterfall to the next, my Nikon performed flawlessly.

So thank you mother nature for such incredibly breathtaking scenes. And thank you @nikonusa for the amazing tech to capture these types of scenes.

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