Gear must-haves

The following are some of my favorite pieces of kit - the gear that makes traveling, hiking and shooting easier and more fun.

51BGQvJ2DYL._SL1000_ (1).jpg

Peak Design Leash Camera Strap

Simple, light, adjustable with one hand, and interchangeable between cameras and other straps also using Peak Design attachments.

Pick up some extra anchors and attach them to your lens bag, shoulder bag, or even your tripod, and now you can use one strap for everything!

Sometimes you want a sling, sometimes you just want a simple strap.  This is the best I've found of the latter.


Cotton Carrier Camera Harness (Vest)

This is such an instrumental piece of gear for how I work.  Capable of handling a full size DSLR and pro level lens with ease, I wear this vest under my backpack, and have found that this is the BEST way to carry my camera while hiking.

I have experimented with every strap, sling and bag, but nothing comes close.  No swinging bag while I'm jumping over boulders or crossing streams, no constant pressure around the neck - and it's right there for when the moment arises.

It includes a secure leash as a backup as well as some Velcro to secure it when traversing in treacherous terrain.  

You'll want to also pick up their Universal Adapter Plate so you can attach it to the bottom of your L bracket so that you can still use this with a tripod.