Private In-Field Workshops


Are you a photographer or hiker who wants to improve your photography skills?
Do you enjoy venturing to beautiful waterfalls, mountains and forests?


I love helping people see what’s possible.  When we’re together, you’ll have my entire focus and support.

Shooting outdoor photography is a powerful way to commune with nature and experience the fullness of life.  Learn how to train your eye and convey the energy of the outdoors in your photos.

I believe we all have a unique way of seeing.  Maybe your vision is still unfound, or your skills underdeveloped, but the potential of your unique vision exists nevertheless.  While our journeys are each our own, we’re traveling down many of the same roads.  And it’s one of my life’s greatest joys to share what I know with fellow travelers and help others make meaningful images.

I work with photographers of all skill levels.  Whether you’re a beginner that would like to learn the entire photographic process step-by-step, an advanced photographer looking for more of a location guide than a teacher, or somewhere in between, I will tailor the workshop around your needs and interests. 

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Private In-Field Workshop
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Private In-Field Workshop
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Private and small group photography workshops.

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  • Camera Settings

  • How to Nail Focus Every Time

  • Composition (Finding and Honing)

  • Location Scouting

  • Weather Forecasting

  • Understanding Light and Conditions

  • Overcoming the Limitations of Your Equipment

    • Exposure Bracketing

    • Using Filters

    • Focus Stacking

  • Horizontal and Vertical Panoramas

  • Shooting the Night Sky

  • Long-Exposure Photography

  • And much more!

After we decide on an area and some of the things you’d like to focus on, I’ll develop a customized itinerary for our time together. But we’ll also keep things flexible to adapt to Mother Nature’s changing conditions.

As a Seattle Mountaineer and avid hiker, I have spent a lot of my time in the mountains, forests, and coasts of the Pacific Northwest, so I'm able to take you to the best spots for making compelling images of these uniquely diverse landscapes.